Thought for December

‘The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners…’ 1 Timothy 1:15


At this time of year the festive season is beginning to get into full swing. Some folks are even so organised to have wrapped and delivered Christmas presents whilst the rest of us have still to begin the wrapping or even the buying of gifts. It is a busy time of year with much to be done, lots to get organised and many family traditions to take place. As I write, the various things are beginning to appear in the church such as the advent candles, a star, a tree with lights and decorations. All these things this year will be a reminder to us of the real reason for the season, even the tree and its decorations will help us this remember important parts of the Christmas story but as the shops begin to fill and preparations for the festivities begin to come together for many, the very One central to the message of Christmas will be absent. The story is told of a young woman with a couple of young children franticly trying to get around the shops to complete the Christmas shopping. The children pointed at every new shiny toy and asked ‘please mummy’. She edged her way through the throngs until she finally reached the lift at the end of a hectic and harassed trip. As the lift door opened and she corralled the children through the doors she exasperatedly cried out ‘whoever invented this Christmas nonsense should be shot.’ Immediately a soft voice from the back of the lift said ‘Haven’t you heard we have already crucified him?’ In the rush of life and of the season it is easy for the one central to the season to become side lined. It can quickly become about so many other things but the wonder of Christmas is that God sent his Son into this world in the form of an infant, Immanuel, God with us, the One that would grow and would go to Calvary’s cross for our sins. God in his wisdom and mercy made a way for those separated from him to be reconciled to Himself through the shed blood of Christ. Let us remember this season as we look to the manger that without that gift of God’s Son lying there we could not look to the cross and the forgiveness and love of a Saviour. As you celebrate this wonderful event in the coming days may you be blessed and may the Lord reveal more of His glory. Have a wonderful Christmas and let’s look forward to what God has planned for the coming year.


Every blessing


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