Thought for June

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. (Hebrews 13:2 ESV)

As we read this verse we get a sense of the importance of hospitality and indeed the blessings that can flow from it. Over the years we have become known as a fellowship for our warm welcomes and our hospitality. Indeed much of church life centres around a cup of tea and fellowship together or even congregational meals and other events that all involve food. Even at funerals, where we are able to provide a good spread for the family in their time of grief. None of these things are possible without the hard work of those that tirelessly make preparations for such events. Over the years our current kitchen has served us well but due to the passage of time and current legislation it is now becoming unsuitable for all that we ask and require of it. Recent discussion at the last Committee of Management addressed the issue and it was felt that now would be a good time to look at journeying towards the installation of a new kitchen. This will allow those that work for Gods glory, in this area, to have up to date and suitable facilities that meet current legislation and which can serve us well into the future. This is an exciting venture that will allow us to carry on in the ministry of hospitality and fellowship and which will allow us to explore new ideas to connect with those yet to hear the Good News of the gospel. However this is not something that will happen overnight and there is much work to be done but it is something that as an entire church we can get behind and make possible. The plan in the coming months is to begin looking at ways to raise the funds required for such a project and again I’m sure a few of these will involve food. The hope is that these will also be more than mere fundraising events but opportunities for fellowship and outreach. However before we begin any of these things please make this a matter for prayer. We seek God’s guidance in all things even something such as this because we seek to bring glory to His mighty name. We seek His will and His ways and we humbly ask that He would bless our endeavours in His service.

Every Blessing


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